My Journey

My parents are from the generation that lived through the 2nd World War. Especially for my mum it had a great impact, as she was working as a courier for the Underground Resistance. Sometimes she would talk about her experiences as an exciting story, but never about the underlying fears and emotions.

As a child I was always considered shy and in the background, but in fact I was terrified whenever the attention was put on me. At school when it was my turn, I felt like dying and wished the earth would swallow me. For me that was my reality and thought that was normal, being (just)nervous…

Well you grow up and learn to deal with it, but whenever I want to take a next step in my life, my nervous system breaks down and I get migraines etc. I never put it together until in my Heart Intelligence retreat as part of my training, everything became clear. Unconsciously my mother’s fear had been passed down into my system. It was the life threatening fear of showing up and revealing who you are…….

This session not only got me the clarity, but I was also able to give back and release this constricting heavy energy. Also it cleared the relationship with my mum. Because this is not the blame-game. Everybody does the best he or she can given their situation. There is an energy of almost sacred respect. Words are not enough to describe the relieve I experienced in my body. It felt as if I’ve been reborn…..

Further I discovered that it not only releases energies that do not serve you anymore, but it also creates space for the new that wants to arise in you! For me it is a flow of Ease & Abundance and almost naturally I became a channel to help others with this tool.

As this work had such a profound impact for me, I feel very inspired to offer this as a service to the world. I believe we are the generation that can heal all those heavy traumatic experiences of other generations. And also we don’t pass it on to future generations.


So if you are ready for an energetic clean-up which will release you of all the stuff that’s not yours, book a session now!  Yes I’m Ready!