Other’s healing experiences

My session with Elja was gentle, yet very powerful. She is highly intuitive, understanding and her energy is very nurturing. With her help I managed to addresses and release ancient family patterns. I finally found relieve from an underlying feeling of guilt and shame that I had carried with me my entire life. And I resolved the blocks that were holding me back on my own path of self-empowerment. Thank you Elja for your amazing presence and work!



Many thanks and blessings to Elja Diepeveen, who does a wonderful Heart IQ healing work. It was a great gift for me to benefit from it, I feel so much lighter and peaceful now ! It really helps for the work we are doing now in this group.

Barbara Vaux France


It was wonderful to meet you Elja!! Much has changed…lots of gradual realizations and shifting…it’s wonderful!  There has been further understanding of the anxiety and lots of letting go of old beliefs!  I had quite a few mini breakthroughs when we were on skype together.  Furthering beliefs of trusting the body and feeling safe in the body have happened as well!  Thank you so much for this opportunity!



I was attending Andrew Martin’s Soul Expansion Sunday calls for a few months,  experiencing a lot of growth,  empowerment and healing. However,  despite a lifetime (25 years)  of counseling,  energy healing,  inner journeying, mind – body and spiritual healings of all kinds,  there were still some things I couldn’t shed.  It was an old deep family/ancestral wound that I believe (and others had confirmed)  was holding me back.  It was beyond frustrating,  because I thought I was doing and had been doing everything possible to heal and move forward in my development.  I was also regularly plagued by nightmares about this  issue.  One morning,  after another vivid nightmare having to do with this ” family baggage”  I came across a Facebook post from Elja, offering a few limited Ancestral Healing sessions.  I jumped on it,  because the coincidence grabbed my attention.  I wasn’t sure what to expect since I had gone through dozens of healings concerning this over the past 25 years.   However,  this session was very different.  Elja role played with me,  allowing me to give back the burdens I had been carrying as well as asking for my light and power back.  In the weeks that followed,  I noticed a huge shift. When I interacted with the family members in question,  there was no longer that annoying heaviness and confining / oppressive ickiness.  Only love and peace remained.  That was the difference.  I also felt free to speak my thruth, stand up for myself in other areas of my life.  Before,  that was also a struggle,  and dealing with my family was easier from a great distance,  where I couldn’t feel that oppressive rage and confining sense of powerlessness. Thank you Elja.