Better Relationships

When we want better relationships we tend to look at the relationship itself. Usually we know what is not working so well and especially what the other person is doing wrong. So often we can see the role we play but then……….? Maybe we can’t get clear as to what to do next. So how about looking at this area of our lives the other way around? Maybe a better relationship with another person begins with a better relationship with ME. So ask yourself:


How good is my relationship with MYSELF?

The first step is to be able to know and accept yourself more fully. . Indeed, you may be able to be OK with most of yourself. But we all have parts that have been hurt as a result of trauma or neglect and which show up as our “not-so-nice” side,  which makes us feel ashamed.

Yes we all can be angry, selfish and mean, our nasty little ME nastyme

We’ve all become experts in hiding these parts, but they can suddenly sabotage us when we are with other people, especially with the people with whom we feel most safe… Then attack is sometimes the best form of defence. And we think it’s all about the other person! Of course they can play a role too – but a part of us has also been triggered by the interaction. And who do you think you can change? No, it’s not the other person; that is not even your responsibility! The only one you can change is YOU!

What can Heart Intelligence do??

By learning and practising the Heart Intelligence skills you become more aware what is going on within you as well as being able to sense what is happening for the other person and being able to discern the difference between the two. Through the process of full acceptance of yourself, you’ll also become more able to accept the other person as they are. Your heart becomes more open and you can make a real connection from heart-to-heart. You’ll learn to communicate from your heart so then your relationship can become more loving and authentic.