Curious what Heart Intelligence has to offer for you?

Are you ready for a small exercise?

So . . .

Can you see what part in you made you click on to this page? Was it:

  • Your mind – curious to see what it is and how much it costs?
  • Your body – you feel more relaxed and/or excited?
  • Your emotion – something touched you and you want to know more?
  • Your energy – you feel more energy flowing and that feels good?
  • Your intuition – something tells you this is for you?

Maybe it was all of them? And could you notice all those parts in yourself? If not, was there a little voice (your inner critic) saying you should? Whatever your response was to the above – it’s all OK!

More curious still? See what I can offer you.

12 week Course Heart Intelligence Skills + online-study


If you are enthusiastic and eager to learn, want to experience and practise these skills
and have access to internet, then this for you.


6 week Course Heart Intellligence Skills


If you’re enthusiastic but you’re not so keen on on-line programs or simply don’t have the time and you’d rather learn through experience and practise, then this is a good option for you.


gratis sessie

Free session

If you have no idea if this is for you, but are curious? Or you just want to meet and see if we have a good vibe? Then I offer you a free one-to-one coaching session of 30 minutes

What is moving in your life right now and how would it help to have a Heart Intelligent look at it in order to bring more fullness, healing and joy into your everyday experiences and relationships.


Other possibilities


Other questions or curious about other possibilities?

I’d love to hear from you!