Heart Intelligence

What is Heart Intelligence?

Heart Intelligence is the art of experiencing more joy in your life through full acceptance of who you are right now, without making any part of yourself wrong. YOU are totally OK!!

 That sounds rather simple, but it’s not easy……….

We all have parts in us that we accept as totally OK, but maybe you also recognise those little voices in our head saying: ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘who do you think you are’, etc., our inner critic.

By learning and practising Heart Intelligence skills, you gain more clarity not only into who you are and what you want, but also on what holds you back. Through more awareness of what is moving within you, you can take responsibility for your thoughts and emotions and make other/different choices. You also gain more clarity about your relationships with others.

The four basic skills of Heart Intelligence are:

  • opening your heart
  • listening to your heart
  • following your heart
  • communicating from the heart

Life brings all kinds of experiences our way, very beautiful and happy ones, but also sad and painful ones. That’s why we all have a wounded part of ourselves which may have come about as a result of a traumatic event earlier in our lives or from neglect of our needs by a primary carer when we were young. Our nervous system worked so brilliantly to protect us that we created a defensive system around our wounding so we don’t feel the painful part, any more. As a result we’ve all become masters in hiding and defending that vulnerable part of ourselves. But that doesn’t make it go away; on the contrary, it shows up when we are triggered by situations or in our relationships with others and mostly in the relationships where we feel the safest…

Through the process of complete loving self-acceptance, you will embrace those parts of yourself that you’ve judged as wrong. These parts only want to be seen and heard. And here is the magical part of it: not only heard and seen by you but also witnessed by others!

When you look back at your life you will find that most traumatic experiences have been caused by and through others. That’s why the fastest way to heal them is by being in a place of loving acceptance with others to do your healing. By being witnessed in the steps you take, you create a cellular memory and anchor it into your body. (Maybe you remember when you first learned to ride a bike – that became a true reality when you were witnessed by someone else, ‘look daddy I can ride the bike!’) That’s why Heart Intelligence works best in a circle. Another advantage is that through the witnessing of others healing their own wounds within the circle, you also take in some of the medicine from their process for yourself. So by using the energy and connection of the circle, you don’t have to do all of the healing yourself – we can all help each other. There is also a rich connection that is created by being with others in circle which brings the awareness that we are all fundamentally the same.

The most important function of the circle is to create a safe space for everybody, so that they can be fully present with everything that is arising in the space. By doing the (fun) exercises you will gradually connect with your true longing and learn to take a step toward making that come alive in reality. Do you want to connect more to your intuition or connect more with your body? Do you want to express more of who you are but are terrified to do that? Or do you want to be able to receive more from others and life? In the circle you can practise safely and discover what it is that you want to experience in your life. It’s also important to trust that everything will unfold in its own time and that this will be when you are ready for it.

Through this ongoing gentle process you will experience a feeling of coming home to yourself and others as well as an intense feeling of joy and abundance. You will be more able to embrace your life with everything that it brings both the joys and the sorrows. By feeling this enormous love for life, you can feel more life-force flowing through you and nothing will stop you from living the life you truly want to live with passion and joy.

The greatest gift to the world is becoming a healthy and shining YOU!

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Heart Intelligence or Heart IQtm is the lifework of Christian Pankhurst, winner of ‘Britain’s Next Top Coach Contest’. Now his Heart IQ Network Organisation also comprises the Heart IQ Academy and the Heart IQ Foundation. And since January 2016 the Heart IQ Retreat Centre opened its doors in Friesland  in the Netherlands!  For more information, see: www.HeartIQ.com