Hello – It’s great that you’ve found me. My name’s Elja and Im a Heart Intelligence Practitioner. This means that I’m practising Heart Intelligence and am teaching it to others. So what is Heart Intelligence? For me it’s the most loving way to access awareness, personal growth and complete self-acceptance. While that sounds really good, you might wonder what this process can do for you. While I don’t know for certain what this could bring to you, I do know the difference that practising Heart Intelligence has made for me in my life. It has brought me:

  • More clarity about who am I and what I want;
  • Better relationships which are more loving and authentic;
  • More (self)confidence and more willingness to surrender to life (to go-with-the-flow);
  • More joy and abundance.

For me the best service as a coach/facilitator you can provide to another, is what you‘ve experienced yourself.

Well in my training as a Heart Intelligence Practitioner I’ve experienced one of the most profound healing sessions in my life. It has shifted things for me fundamentally………. 

Generational Healing

Do you feel there is something holding you back in life

 you ’ve worked on it over and over again but it keeps showing up…………..ahhhh

Well what if that stuff doesn’t all belong to you??

Curious? Do you want to find out if this could be for you?   READ MORE


 More Clarity

Making changes in your life always begins with bringing more clarity into what you want and where you want to go. Wouldn’t it be great if you had complete insight into the steps you have to take and how to get more clarity?

How do you get more clarity? READ MORE


Self Confidence

Yes confidence – that emotional ability that can often disappear at the times
when we most need it………..!

So how do you get more self-confidence? READ MORE


Better relationships

When we talk about better relationships we usually think about our relationships with others. These are very important but what about your relationship with YOU??  READ MORE


joy and abundance

 More Joy and abundance

These are experiences we all want, right? While the media bombards us with images of that promise, sometimes it can be more challenging to achieve these ourselves in our own lives.

So how can you really experience more joy and abundance? READ MORE