More Joy and Abundance

In our performance based society being happy looks almost like another assignment – the perfect picture of how we should fit in. If you haven’t been ticking all the boxes on your Bucket-list, you are considered to be behind, let alone if you don’t have one! Now, while there’s nothing wrong with having dreams and longings:


Are you aware of what makes you really joyful and abundant?

The only person who can determine that is the most important person in your life, YOU! The more you become aware of who you are and where you are in life, the better you can accept yourself in that place. Your true hearts or souls longing will emerge effortless and from there you can take inspired action. Maybe you have experienced a self-fulfilling prophecy…..if you think it will go wrong, it will (Murphy’s Law). The power of positive thinking works in a similar way to create a more joyful effect. The Heart Math Institute in California has done research and found that positive thinking has this effect by creating a higher energetic-magnetic and often more resonant field. But they also found that the power of following your heart is many times more effective! You come into a flow – and achieving results will become more effortless. This indicates that the pursuit of joy and abundance can become the spontaneous result of living from your true heart.

What can Heart Intelligence do?

 Through the process of full self-acceptance and unconditional love for yourself as you are, you’ll find that you’ll experience more spontaneous moments of joy and abundance. You’ll learn to surrender to what is, even if it is not perfect and you’ll learn to embrace that, accepting the flow of life going through you. It may sound weird but you can even experience joy in your deepest sadness…