More Clarity

Trust me, you don’t want to know how many, “Purpose in life” workshops I’ve done and lists I’ve made! Each time I started out enthusiastically but eventually found that the goals were miles away from my reality – so they became illusion and ended up in the waste bin……. What was missing??

In a car journey, let’s say you want to go from point A to point B. Nowadays you use your GPS and just enter the destination – easy, right?


But how do you know if that is your right destination?

What your GPS does for you automatically is establish your current location. This is a crucial step but one that we might easily forget because we’re so focused on the destination. So, using the car analogy, by becoming aware of where you are in your life right now (A) with everything in it and becoming clear on that, this allows the true longing of your heart or soul (B) to emerge effortlessly. This is the basic principle about how you get clarity on who you are and what you want in all areas of your life.

So what can Heart Intelligence do?

One of the most important skills in Heart Intelligence is tracking. This is a kind of internal scan which is done through the different emotional/energetic levels which brings you clarity on what is moving for you right now, in the present. This keeps you connected with your reality and from this reality your destination (direction, sense of joy or purp0se) emerges. In this way you are much more connected to your own GPS (or internal guidance system) which brings you clarity about where you are, what you want and what is holding you back.

Just learning and practising the skill of tracking will not only give you more clarity, but also have an impact on all areas of your life; for instance in your work, health and relationships. This will allow you to experience more joy and confidence as well as a simple, fast and joyful way of getting more awareness.