More (self)confidence

How do you find more confidence or more trust in yourself? You can say affirmations like: ‘I’m OK’, reprogramming your thought patterns to silence those voices inside your head. But all of a sudden there they are again! When this keeps happening it’s hard to build confidence because you’re always being surprised by these thoughts. Heart Intelligence is based on the process of complete self-acceptance.  This sounds simple but:



Can you completely accept yourself for who you are
as you are without making any part of yourself wrong?

Life throws all kinds of experiences at us, happy and energising as well as sad and challenging. Thus we all have hurt parts of ourselves, which have resulted from a variety of causes and personal traumas.  Our nervous system is so clever and adaptable that it has built a wall around us to protect us from feeling those painful parts of ourselves.  Although we have become experts in hiding and defending ourselves from these parts, that doesn’t mean that they disappear. In fact we can often encounter them when they are triggered in situations or in relationships with other people, which can undermine our confidence over time.

So while you cannot get rid of those wounded parts as it’s not possible to turn back time and the many experiences that have happened and which make you who you are today; nor will there be any guarantee against painful experiences  happening again in the future, you can learn to deal with it differently. Through loving acceptance of who you are, including the parts that you’d rather not see, you can allow healing to take place. Then these wounded parts of yourself won’t surprise you so much in the future and that allows your confidence and self-esteem to grow.

What can Heart Intelligence do?

By learning Heart Intelligence skills you become more aware of what energy is moving within yourself as well as in another. Then it becomes easier for you to take responsibility for your own emotional baggage and this not only creates more confidence but also makes you less dependent on others for approval. From this healing you gain more trust in life and everything that it brings which allows you truly to become the leader of your life.