What others say

When I look back, retrospectively, from where I am today, I can truly say that I love myself more.

I have more clarity and acceptance of my strengths, weaknesses and shadow parts which are all now much more welcome than before. I’m recognising old patterns and embracing them with a smile. 

By being in circle and recognising everybody’s resistance, the light and dark parts, I felt both connection and uniqueness which in turn brought me closer to myself.

I also have better focus and more of an ability to let go.



I ‘ve experienced Elja’s coaching sessions as joyful, competent, light and focussed.

Elja sprinkles her smile, is very empathic to her clients and makes a very deep and beautiful connection every time.

I sometimes experienced the Heart IQ method as confronting in the beginning but as I continue in the process I find it brings relief and real improvements. I feel and see that it works for me.

Ivo Paulissen


The Heart-Intelligence sessions with Elja brought me so much. I’ve learned that all my emotions and feelings are allowed to be there. I only have to say ‘yes’ and embrace them. I am allowed to feel lonely, jealous and sad. When I push away loneliness, there’s no space for connection. When I don’t want to feel jealousy, I can’t see what my longings are and if I can’t embrace sadness I also can’t let joy in.

At times I can feel insecure and ashamed and I allow myself to feel that! I recognise that I‘m perfect as I am. Life is about loving who I am and all there is. I’ve learned to see life as a game and by looking at it from a distance, everything feels lighter. I’ve discovered that I also have a choice to experience everything from a place of lack – which is painful – or from a place of abundance – which is effortless.

I’ve gained clarity about something I enjoy every day: In the past in the face of criticism I tended to feel rejected but now I realise that what people say, is a chance for me to grow.

Dear Elja, I am looking forward to our Heart Intelligence Circles every week. You contributed hugely to the process of me finding the joy in my life that I was looking for and I thank you for that!