Just came home from a four week hiking trip in Nepal. We just love Nepal, this Himalaya state, where you can find quaint villages dotted on the hill sides. The place where we’re blown away by the most stunning views on the highest mountains on our planet. It can literally take your breath away and make you cry tears of heavenly bliss…. But most of all, we love its people. So friendly and most of them seem to have a sense of calm and contentment. It makes me curious, what’s their secret??

Is it simply NAMASTÉ? That greeting you hear all over the place, whether it’s kids yelling it at you, whenever you pass their village or the porters with their heavy loads, who barely have enough breath to say it, but still make that effort to greet you! NAMASTÉ, meaning something like – my soul greets your soul- /- the light in me greets the light in you -,  but basically there’s just that respect for the other human being. Anyway, I had no idea what experience of true NAMASTÉ I was going to have.

We were in the village of Khyanjin Gompa in the Langtang Valley. That morning my husband wanted to climb the Tserko Ri, an almost 5.000 meter high summit and I decided to stay in the village. Strolling around I ended up at the Gompa (temple) and just sat in the sun watching life go by. There were two elderly ladies walking around the Gompa and eventually one of them sat down next to me. She was so small and frail, she almost couldn’t stand up straight anymore. She looked at me and mumbled something in Nepali, which I couldn’t understand. Then she pointed at her right knee and by a gesture as if tears were streaming from her eyes, she made clear that her knee hurt. At one point she even uncovered her naked knee to show its condition. It was clearly swollen. What could I do??? First thing that came to my mind(!)was offering a painkiller I had with me, you want this?? She shook her head, no, no…….now what?? Then it hit me, of course so obvious! Being trained as an energetic healer, give some energetic healing! So I wrapped my hands around her right knee and started focussing on letting the energy flow. She rested her knee on my lap like a child would do to be comforted by its mother. We just sat like that for a while and I felt something moving in her knee. Then she indicated that her elbows also hurt and I held them as well.

Later she stood up and pointed at her mouth, like eating?? Did she want food? I didn’t know what she meant. She walked around the temple and I also lingered a bit. Then she indicated again to the mouth, pointed at me and beckoned me to follow her. Behind the Gompa was a plot with a simple wooden building with six rooms. She walked towards it and unlocked one room, this was her house! Just a simple room with a wooden bed, some blankets, lots of bags with food, stuff and a wood fired stove. She cleared the bed and made me a place to sit. She lit the wood in the stove and added some dried yak-dung. Then got hold of a blackened pan and poured some water in it and put in on the stove. Then she  rumbled around and found a bag with some powder in it. Added it to the boiling water and stirred it. Some powder was spilled on the floor. Meticulously she swiped it together with her fingers and put it in a bowl, indicating how precious it was to her…Then she found her one cup and filled it with the brew, sweet milk tea and offered it to me.

All I could do was just watch this unfold and I was lost for words……. This little old lady who had literally nothing, just wanted to reward me. Just the effort it took her to brew this precious cup of sweet tea, still moves me this moment. The respect she showed me for what I did, humbles me. What a gift she gave me!

What happened here? Just human interaction of giving and receiving, but it felt almost holy….it felt as a connection on that higher field. As an angel in disguise she showed me: everything you do, matters! No matter how small it may seem, but this is how we create heaven on earth, one step at a time.

This encounter was an embodied experience of NAMASTÉ  a meeting of souls. It gave me an awareness of how we are always connected and ONE.

As a reminder I just had to take her photograph:



That we are truly ONE, I experienced some days later. After trekking downhill my knee started to hurt a bit, guess what knee it was??

Yes, my right one as well! Maybe a funny cosmic reminder of NAMASTÉ!

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