Good Intentions, the best Holiday Gift ever…..


This is the time of the year when all the good intentions for the New Year are popping up. Why do we do that? Just because it feels so good… there’s this promise of the new, starting over, longing for better, improvement. Yes that longing feels really good!

And then the New Year starts and I can feel myself slowly slipping back into those old habits…The thing is with all those good intentions is, that when I don’t live up to them (which I usually can’t) they make me feel shit. Can already hear that nagging voice in my head: you even couldn’t do that! You looser, failure! And all those good intentions that felt so good, make me feel worse……Maybe because basically, I am telling myself that where and who I am right now, is NOT OK………

WHAT-IF the good intentions are only meant to feel good, just that

WHAT-IF the good intentions aren’t meant to be lived up to

WHAT-IF my habits (good and bad) are exactly right for me

WHAT-IF they are the key for transformation thru accepting and embracing them

When I look closer at my intentions, there’s a deeper longing hidden underneath it all that wants to come thru. For me it comes down to growth and expansion.

Ok, my mind gets it, but how do I do that? (my mind loves instructions). So what about this challenge:

First: what do those habits I want to get rid of so badly, show me. What can I learn from them? How would that look like? So I’ll start with some relatively easy ones…..

My bad habits:

  • I’m too serious
  • I’m lazy
  • I’m a control freak
  • I’m a terrible cook (pff what a relief just admitting that)

Second: the reality check, yes this is who I am, being brutally honest with myself. But this doesn’t make me a bad person, only human…..So can I accept and maybe even embrace myself, including these nasty habits, just who I am?

Third: now the magical part starts, how can I transform them into gifts?

  • Being serious transforms into having respect for…
  • Being lazy transforms into going with the flow of Ease…
  • Being controlling transforms into caring for things to go well….
  • Being a terrible cook transforms into…..ehh don’t know, just embrace it! Or maybe make it a bit less dramatic: I’m just not so into cooking….yes that feels good!

By transforming my intentions, I can give myself the best gift ever. And maybe it makes me a bit less triggered by the bad habits of others….

Have a great Holiday Season and make them truly HOLY-DAYS…..

2 thoughts on “Good Intentions, the best Holiday Gift ever…..

  1. Thanks Elja! Great realisations – I so love the “what-if” question. It really opens the possibilities of new perspectives.

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