Embodied Energy Transmission

We just had the most amazing beautiful weather these past three days and everybody enjoyed it in their own way. Happy people on terraces eating ice-creams, birds starting to build nests, cows released into the meadow… but wait a minute, it’s February! All this joy was clouded by this slowly emerging doom scenario, is this the effect of climate change?

Well the urgency around energy transmission and sustainability is becoming clearer. There’s a growing awareness that things have to change and everybody in his/her own way is involved, no matter how small. So how can I contribute? Besides the obvious ones, like reducing my waste, recycling and eating less meat, something else emerged in me.

During my training as a Heart Intelligence Practitioner and other personal growth courses, I found that a lot is also about finding your purpose in life. Your big WHY, your passion, your inspiration to make this a better world…

One way of discovering your big WHY is thru your pain. Your biggest pain can transform into your biggest gift. It can trigger a fierce passion in you to fight for something. That certainly works for many people and has achieved great things. Like freedom fighters as Nelson Mandela or Mother Theresa fighting against poverty. But also on a smaller scale, people coming into action for saving animals, stopping pollution or fighting against social injustice.

I have great admiration for those people and I also tried to find my purpose that way. But somehow for me, that doesn’t work. It usually ends up with my body producing migraines and I am forced to back off. So what works for me?

Then it dawned on me, the fuel for that passion is basically ANGER. There’s an enormous power in it and can be very contagious. With elections coming up, I can also see it in politicians. Some are so angry and just want to fight, but to me it feels very polarising and maybe adds fuel to the discontent of people. That discontent builds up and almost explodes (see the yellow vests in France or even IS). All fuelled with such enormous anger and dissatisfaction. To stay passionate, you have to fuel your passion and therefore sustain your anger… It needs an opposite to fight against or fight for something, but in the end it’s still a fight. Clearly my body doesn’t run well on that fuel. So,

WHAT-IF I transform my energy source to a more sustainable one?

Just the exploration of that fuels my passion. So what is that new energy source? What is it that lifts me up, opens my heart and makes me incredibly powerful? Sometimes the answers are so obvious, they’re easily overlooked. What opens my heart is when I experience true COMPASSION. Whether it’s in a heartfelt conversation, an encouraging smile or the unconditional love from a pet. Even the joy of children playing or simply being grateful that I’m alive…

WHAT-IF compassion is the new energy source for life on our planet?

Now I don’t want to persuade or sell anything (it’s just my truth),  but here’s how an advertisement could look like:


COMPASSION, the new fuel for your heart!

It’s very sustainable (my body loves it), it’s free, it’s inclusive (needs no polarisation), it’s unlimited and it’s available for EVERYBODY.

It gives you feelings of gratefulness, incredible joy and love for life. Results may vary but could create societies where people thrive and take care of each other, based on respect and equality.

IMPORTANT: always give it to yourself first before applying it to others.

WARNING: this fuel can be extremely addictive, but is never harmful for your body.


Well, life is throwing challenges at us and I can’t change the world with my magic wand. But one step at a time DOES make a difference. And yes, I do use anger as fuel too, it does work. But I can start with becoming hybrid…

 “Yes you may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one” – John Lennon


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