My truth

Yes this is about my truth, only as an inspiration for you to find yours! So please forget everything about my truth. Only feel what resonates with you. We are all unique beings all with our own true colours, that’s what makes life so magical…..

And also my truth now is always about this moment and can be totally different the next moment, just life unfolding and changing all the time.

Does your mind spin by now? Good! Because for me it is more important what feels like truth then what I think it is.

I love to play around with the mind constructions built in my head with WHAT-IF questions, so do you wanna play with me?

WHAT-IF the situation/place you are in right now is always the perfect situation/place to be in? Why? Just because you are there!

Would love to hear from you, what is your truth??

Let’s explore…..

1 thought on “My truth

  1. Hoi Elja, leuk om dit te lezen. Mooie visie.
    Mijn waarheid is: ik leef NU, niet gister, niet morgen, maar NU.
    Gister is ervaring, en morgen kan ik daar ook nog een heleboel mee doen.
    Maar eerst ben ik er, Nu.
    Groetjes, Helma

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