Help! Focus!

Are you like me, all over the place, not knowing where to start because your mind is bursting with ideas??? All that creative energy rushing thru your body and becoming frustrated because it cannot find a good channel? It drives me nuts!!!

Pffff……Just writing it down and acknowledging it for myself already brings relief…..

Now in my 3D reality I’m conditioned to focus on what OTHERS need and adapt to that, that’s how the market works right? It all sounds like great advice right?

Basically my mind, as a controlling device, is driving the bus…..Well for me it kills all my creativity and manifests into………….eh, nothing.

It almost feels like I’m being punished for being in that expanded creative space, where I feel so alive. It is the place where I can play, dream and where I can connect with my true essence, for me it’s PURE INNOCENCE.…..


As an explorer I am always looking for new ways, so

WHAT-IF I do it the other way around?

WHAT-IF I don’t let my mind drive the bus, but the playful innocent part in me

WHAT-IF focus isn’t a mind controlled limiting energy, but a natural flow arising with ease from my deepest soul longing?

As always I’m curious to know how that works with you!

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