Just a Shopping Experience

Woke up this morning and a story surfaced to my mind, so I have to write it down:

Stage setting:

It happened in a time when I thought that wearing (high) heels were a bare necessity for expressing the fact I was a female…….(my feet thought otherwise but they loyally endured). So when you find a shoe with heels that fits like a glove with the promise that you can actually walk on it for more than 2 hours, that’s GOLD! I not only wanted them, but NEEDED them NOW. Immediate satisfaction. Yes…

If they lived up to their promise I would buy more! I was trying it on outside of the shop and excitedly rushed inside to unite my left shoe with her right. Can you feel it coming? The right shoe was already claimed by the competition and we arrived at  the two cash registers at the same time. Of course no other pair was available NOW and had to be shipped in from another store. Deadlock was created…………now what?

Well looking at it from a legal point of view, we both had an equal right to buy the article. The shop assistants weren’t trained in legal or mediation skills and taking it to court also wouldn’t solve this. We could do further (independent of course) investigation and see if one of the parties arrived a bit earlier at the cash register. Other solutions would be setting up new rules like “the right shoe always goes first”. Of course thru a democratic process with respect for all parties involved. So alternating weeks where the rule changes to the left shoe, would be a great solution! Bla bla bla…

Back to reality where could be 2 scenarios

Scenario 1: Scarcity

Here’s the reality of winners & losers, have & have-not’s based on the fact that there is only a limited amount available. Shoes and time. Basically lack or shortage.

So WHO was going to win? Whose right to satisfy this never ending-I want it NOW- need for shoes, was stronger? Was there a winner anyway?

In this competitive game there would obviously be one looser, the one who gave in. But was there still a chance the shop assistants could win? They had at least one disappointed “losing” customer. But also the “winner” lost her sense of immediate satisfaction, because it took 10  long minutes longer and all her strength to not give in. So there was no way the shop assistant could deliver a “feel-good” service…


Scenario 2 : Abundance

Let’s try the reality of abundance, could there be losers? The first lady to give the other shoe would have the satisfying feeling of giving. That great feeling of making someone happy. The other lady would be over the moon, yes this is my lucky day! So happy to receive. The shop assistants would have two happy smiling customers and felt they provided great service where, in the end, everybody would be satisfied. In this reality there are enough shoes, enough time…… no losers, everybody wins.

Back to reality, what happened?

Being not so good at the competition game, I gave in and felt like a loser ( I was also playing the first scenario). The other lady didn’t even give a glimpse of gratitude not even a grim satisfied smile (she won didn’t she?). The two shop assistants also felt uncomfortable and I felt the need to almost comfort them. No wonder that shopping can be so draining!

Well I got my shoes 2 days later and was really happy with them, but somehow this scarcity experience lingered………

 WHAT-IF simply becoming aware of abundance gives you the choice to live in it

For me living in this abundant reality is so much more fun and makes me more creative. Like now,  it’s giving me the joy of telling you this story of my adventure in this world of winners & losers.

It doesn’t mean I’m never in that other reality, yes I am! Guilty as charged! It simply gives me a broader range to choose from. So when you see me sneaking in front of a line, you know where I am! (sneaky little bitch….)


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  1. ‘Sneaky little bitch’ it is then !! Lol !!
    I’m imagine those shoes were very useful hiking those snowy peaks illustrated.

    Love you, blisters and all. Bx

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