My Cellar

Feel some resistance about HAVING to write a blog about my cellar …… so let’s add some creativity, what if I include the conversation between my MIND (in red) and my BODY ( in blue). 

This longing to write about my cellar adventure, comes from where? My mind, I guess and that same mind says:

MIND: that’s already old, done..…..what’s the point?

BODY: Hmmm, can feel some urgency there.

Yes, urgency and fear of missing an opportunity in time, which tells me that it’s definitely my mind. That’s where my concepts about time and opportunity resides. Now it’s getting interesting.

BODY: ahh, now I can feel something emerging.

MIND: from the cellar?

BODY: haha, excitement!

Ok, let’s start, I’ll write about my cellar or dungeon, one of the places that holds so much old stuff which is begging to be cleared. Fits perfectly in my quest for simplicity.

MIND: your cellar is a great place to start, so what are you waiting for??? Huh?

BODY: I can feel my energy draining even when YOU think about it….

Guess it’s not the right time? Well I’m also exploring a new way of Ease. So what do I need to make it more of a flow experience? Surrender and trust that life will show me the way?

MIND: what a lame excuse, just admit you’re lazy!

BODY: now I even feel guilty…… 

But then LIFE happened: one morning I wanted to bring down some more stuff into the cellar (out of sight, out of mind) and guess what? Water all over the place! Now the urgency to take action is present! Yes, just had no choice, no thinking about it, just act.

BODY: that felt good, energy was available instantly.

Tossed out all the wet boxes, cleared some stuff and decided what would stay, cleaned it and put it somewhere else. My husband fixed the leaking tab and I did some cleaning. So what happened here?

There’s this interesting concept of Human Design, how your energetic blueprint works. Well my body is designed as such, that I have to be ASKED to come into action and then my energy flows. Well here I was asked by the UNIVERSE, showing up as a leaking tab and it worked!

The sense of urgency felt so different from the urgency created in my mind. That felt heavy and straining, where in the other call to action it went quick and costs me less energy. So….

WHAT-IF urgency coming from my MIND has a time element attached to it which creates fear (FOMO – fear of missing out on an opportunity) and urgency showing up from LIFE or UNIVERSE is just there, in the MOMENT, a clean call for action with Ease and in flow…….

WHAT-IF becoming aware of just that is a key for a new way of creating with Ease?

BODY: Pff, that feels good, relieved I don’t have to work so hard….

MIND: You lazy bitch…haha

2 thoughts on “My Cellar

  1. Attention can Flood your cellar !!? Be careful where you put your attention!!

    The Universe always has the most Optimum and Efficient Solution to fulfil our desires it seems, even if that means going backwards first, before going forwards.
    Thank you for this reminder Elja.

    • Thanks Barrie!
      Yes I experience more and more that my TRUTH thru the universe is stronger than what my mind believes to be true. The universe shows up in surprising ways, doesn’t it? And it scares the hell out of my mind sometimes! She loves to KNOW what’s going on and have a sense of control (fear…) but for me in the unknowing is much more adventure and LIFE.

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