The Real Gift of a City Trip

Last weekend I was in Porto Portugal. My husband had to go there for work and every now and then I tag along. We had a nice weekend, saw the city and sat on the boulevard listening to great music with a beer, hard work…..

Really lovely, but I noticed in myself a little dissatisfaction, hmmmm………how much I love to travel, it was just another city with beautiful churches,  lovely quaint restaurants and the greatest bookshop ever! This is the Harry Potter bookshop, where JK Rowlings got her inspiration, with a magical staircase (to heaven?). But I was looking for something else, true magic, but what….?

Then on return at the airport (very early) we had a coffee and sandwich and there it was, let me paint the picture:

Every traveller was sitting in this bar drinking coffee and connecting with their phones. Then there was this older lady, silently clearing and cleaning the tables. As if being invisible was part of her job description. Then I noticed she had a badge on saying: trainee. She wore it with dignity, but I couldn’t help wondering, what happened in life that made you a trainee for this simple job? Obviously as a mature woman she knew how to clean a table. Could sense almost defeat that life had brought her here and she even had to be grateful for having this job. But there was something so vulnerable about her, she touched my heart.

She touched the part in me that’s invisible, that does her job without being noticed or respected. Made me think of all the invisible cleaners of this planet. They do their jobs at night cleaning our workspaces and streets, so they don’t bother the workers with the real important jobs. But also the invisible sensitive people who energetically clean so much emotional debris and may not even be aware of it. They truly are magicians!

WHAT-IF by noticing the unnoticed, I am becoming more aware of that part in me.

WHAT-IF that part in me, not seeking recognition, is where the true magic is happening.

Later I took my tray to her and thanked her and said she was a lovely woman. She looked up and showered me with the loveliest smile and the most heartfelt “OBRIGADA”. These moments I cherish as true MAGIC! Now I am thanking her for giving me this gift of bigger awareness. She truly was a magician, pure divinity dressed up as a trainee-table cleaner!

So now back to cleaning my own house…..magical!

4 thoughts on “The Real Gift of a City Trip

  1. I love reading this experience of yours Elja.
    I have never examined my motivation as you have, but I too get great joy in acknowledging those ‘invisible’ individuals in daily life, and in doing, honouring that part in myself that is also invisible.

    • Thank you Barrie!
      By reading and acknowledging this we both make the invisibles more visible. Once you start looking it becomes magical and addictive!!

    • Thanks Hilary,

      Makes me aware of how much I like to blog!Just needed that! Isn’t the universe magical?

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