True Spontaneity

It was just another Monday morning, summer holidays were over, schools had started and most people were back to work. My agenda had nothing important in it, lots of ‘white-space’, which sometimes can give me a sense of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). But then this spontaneous idea popped into my head. No thinking about it, just act. So I texted my friend, ‘Wanna go swimming in our paradise pond’? Immediate spontaneous response: ‘Yes’! So no shower, I just jump in the car and we went to this beautiful pond in nature and it was just us…….We felt like two children skipping school and we couldn’t get the smile from our faces. What a way to start Monday morning.

It was magical, we felt on top of the world. We felt so incredibly abundant and alive. What made it so rich is that we shared this experience. We were seen, heard and felt by each other. Most amazingly, without words, which is really extraordinary for us, as we usually can’t stop talking! We just couldn’t find the words, it was literally mind-blowing. Just two united souls just hanging out together. We were lifted up to a higher field of pure bliss.

What was also mind-blowing was how easy and simple this was. Now my ever curious mind wants to know, what created this experience and can I have instructions please?


WHAT-IF true spontaneous creations can only emerge when there are no instructions or agenda’s;

WHAT-IF it is just about allowing ourselves some more ‘white-space’, without expectations or knowing how-to……


Of course after the swim we were cold, dirty with sand between our toes. Guess that was the phase of letting go…..we just rode that wave of bliss and then it simply passes. Can see the addiction to that bliss feeling, but it’s impossible to keep. It’s always unique and will never be the same. So no point of holding on. Just be open to a new cycle of creation, without expectations of how it should look like. The miracle of surprise adds to the magic. Just ride the waves of LIFE, whatever that brings.


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