What others say

When I look back, retrospectively, from where I am today, I can truly say that I love myself more.

I have more clarity and acceptance of my strengths, weaknesses and shadow parts which are all now much more welcome than before. I’m recognising old patterns and embracing them with a smile. 

By being in circle and recognising everybody’s resistance, the light and dark parts, I felt both connection and uniqueness which in turn brought me closer to myself.

I also have better focus and more of an ability to let go.



I ‘ve experienced Elja’s coaching sessions as joyful, competent, light and focussed.

Elja sprinkles her smile, is very empathic to her clients and makes a very deep and beautiful connection every time.

I sometimes experienced the Heart IQ method as confronting in the beginning but as I continue in the process I find it brings relief and real improvements. I feel and see that it works for me.

Ivo Paulissen


The Heart-Intelligence sessions with Elja brought me so much. I’ve learned that all my emotions and feelings are allowed to be there. I only have to say ‘yes’ and embrace them. I am allowed to feel lonely, jealous and sad. When I push away loneliness, there’s no space for connection. When I don’t want to feel jealousy, I can’t see what my longings are and if I can’t embrace sadness I also can’t let joy in.

At times I can feel insecure and ashamed and I allow myself to feel that! I recognise that I‘m perfect as I am. Life is about loving who I am and all there is. I’ve learned to see life as a game and by looking at it from a distance, everything feels lighter. I’ve discovered that I also have a choice to experience everything from a place of lack – which is painful – or from a place of abundance – which is effortless.

I’ve gained clarity about something I enjoy every day: In the past in the face of criticism I tended to feel rejected but now I realise that what people say, is a chance for me to grow.

Dear Elja, I am looking forward to our Heart Intelligence Circles every week. You contributed hugely to the process of me finding the joy in my life that I was looking for and I thank you for that!



My session with Elja was gentle, yet very powerful. She is highly intuitive, understanding and her energy is very nurturing. With her help I managed to addresses and release ancient family patterns. I finally found relieve from an underlying feeling of guilt and shame that I had carried with me my entire life. And I resolved the blocks that were holding me back on my own path of self-empowerment. Thank you Elja for your amazing presence and work!



Many thanks and blessings to Elja Diepeveen, who does a wonderful Heart IQ healing work. It was a great gift for me to benefit from it, I feel so much lighter and peaceful now ! It really helps for the work we are doing now in this group.

Barbara Vaux France


It was wonderful to meet you Elja!! Much has changed…lots of gradual realizations and shifting…it’s wonderful!  There has been further understanding of the anxiety and lots of letting go of old beliefs!  I had quite a few mini breakthroughs when we were on skype together.  Furthering beliefs of trusting

the body and feeling safe in the body have happened as well!  Thank you so much for this opportunity!