Generational Healing

For me the best service as a coach/facilitator you can provide to another, is what you‘ve experienced yourself. Well in my training as a Heart Intelligence Practitioner I’ve experienced one of the most profound healing sessions in my life, GENERATIONAL HEALING. It has shifted things for me fundamentally. Time for a little story? My Journey

How does it work? Together we tune in and intuitively I feel into the energy. Then we go on a discovery tour of what wants to move and be released. Always in deep respect for ancestors or anybody, this is not about blaming or shaming another.

Although the name Generational Healing is a bit limited, this healing can be applied for anything that holds you back in life and you sense that it is not all yours.

But what is becoming more and more important is that it will not only clear heavy and/or restricting energies, but it opens up space for something new! You make space for the new energies you want to experience and give to the world.

For me it is/was an energy of EASE & ABUNDANCE. My life feels so much more expanded and light. Curious what it did for others? Find Out

So if you are ready for an energetic clean-up which will release you of all the stuff that’s not yours and replace it with the energies you want more of, book a session now!

 Yes I’m Ready!


Practical info:

For these sessions I use Skype and/or Zoom and it takes approx 1 to 1,5 hour. You don’t have to prepare, just show up………


Well I’ve tried to put a pricetag on it, but somehow that doesn’t work for me. Basically this energy is priceless and I’m honoured to be its channel. Being in my own energy transmission, (see my blog), I’ve  decided to try something else. My flow is that of Ease and Abundance, so as an exchange, what can you share with the world that is your abundance? What comes easily to you? For some it is money and for some it’s simply time and/or loving attention. It could also be something as cooking a meal for someone else. It doesn’t have to be exchanged with me personally, just see where you can make a difference. By sharing our abundance, we create an abundant world…

So if you’re ready, contact me, book a session